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Our Wet Utilities Experts Provide Value to Every Project

For over 16 years, Premier Services Inc. has provided professional on-site wet utility installation services for commercial properties. We have the experience and technological know-how to handle your project efficiently and provide safe, cost-effective, quality service for every customer we serve.

On-site utilities cover a wide range of different solutions to address different aspects of your property, and our experts have experience providing a variety of wet utility solutions for your site. Whether you need a new potable or non-potable septic tank for your building or extensive earthmoving services completed, we have you covered. We will do our very best to meet and exceed your expectations in every way possible!

Challenges of Preparing Your Building for Site Utility Connections

Part of the reason why you need an independent contractor like us to take care of your utility needs for you is that as a property owner, you don’t want to move into a newly built home without any proper utilities available. Without amenities like running water and sewage systems, that wonderful new home you bought would be unbearable to live in. Often, these utilities will factor into the price of the new home and add up to 20% additional costs according to Forbes. There are enough challenges to make you consider a whole host of considerations to think about before deciding what utility services you’re going to need. Subsequently, you need to have all your basic questions about your new manufactured home answered before deciding how you want to solve your utility problem:

What are the requirements for your new building or pre-existing property?

How much are you willing to spend on new utility systems as part of your budget?

What is the timeframe in which you need to have utility services installed before moving in?

Once you have these questions answered, it will make it easier for us to create an appropriate bid which will include potential overrun charges and the prices of the utilities and installation you will be paying for. Once we have reached an agreement, we would begin to work on installing the utilities you requested and work with you closely to ensure the requirements for your manufactured home or property are met.

How Our Bidding Process Works for Wet Utilities

Our wet utility installation process works for just about any large property like a school, a shopping center, a coffee shop, and just about anything else on this scale. Before we can get started on preparing the area for an installation, we want to talk about how we secure commercial job bids.

1. Get Job Invitations

The office engineer gets invitations to bid commercial jobs from different construction companies and contractors.

2. Win Job Bids

Premier Services wins the job bid and will carry out our wet utility activities. Often, we will perform earthmoving jobs simultaneously.

3. Commercial Property Preparation

We take the time to prepare the property for erosion control, grading work, and wet utilities installation

We take the process very seriously and focus a lot of our time on carrying out proper prep work and blueprint formation before starting our schedule for these projects.  Here is more detail on what we do when we need to create a new engineering project.


Whether you need dry or wet utilities or underground work completed, we will be there every step of the way to see the project’s successful completion. Allowing a contractor to help you with your site utility needs will make a difference when avoiding potential liabilities.

As a provider of full-serve utility installations, we will assist you with any one of the following for your property:

Sewage/Sanitary Sewer System Installations

Many large properties already use a public water system, but may not have a sewer or septic system installed yet. A septic system can also be referred to as a decentralized system or on-site wastewater management system by professionals. We will examine the site you want the sewer system built and come up with an estimate of the total costs. Depending on how much earthmoving is needed, the costs of building a septic system can range anywhere between $3000 to $15,000 with cost overruns included and considering the current conditions of the topography around the property. There are other important factors to consider before we can go ahead and have your new septic system created.

We can also help you out with installing sanitary sewer systems, which transport and deliver wastewater, rainwater, and ground water to the right treatment facilities to clean. The systems are a great mechanism against raw sewage leaks, which are called sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). Not only do these overflows cause extensive property damage, but it poses a serious public health risk if you don’t take care of the problem immediately. According to the EPA, there are between 23,000-75,000 SSO occurrences annually.

Storm Drains and Pipelines

We also help build storm drains and pipelines for your building. Storm drains and pipelines are designed to help drain rainwater from sidewalks, driveways, and rooftops. The drainage mechanism functions with the power of atmospheric pressure and gravity. Usually, there will be two points of entry for the rainwater to enter for each area or rooftop you need a new drainage system implemented. The points of entry will have a diameter greater than 3 inches or 75 millimeters. Insulation will be provided with the storm drainage system to help with water distribution.

Water pipelines serve a similar purpose by carrying groundwater to another area without eroding the surrounding surfaces. When you need freshwater for your home, pipelines are a great option to consider, and we can install this system underground. The pipelines can also transport wastewater from your home.

Potable Water vs. Non-Potable Water Tanks

At Premier Services, we specialize in non-potable water and potable water reuse projects for your building. There are several distinctions between these filtration systems, and generally, businesses get their water from potable water sources. In other words, this is the water used for consumption, plant watering, irrigation, and cooking. In contrast, non-potable water doesn’t have the same quality as drinking water but is still useful for toilets, laundry, and urinal flushing. Non-potable water also includes gray water, recycled water, and rainwater.

Conservation is a growing concern for many business owners, and we have the right tools to install water systems which will efficiently use and reuse water from all these sources for the benefit of everyone in your building. The consequences of having untreated water anywhere are catastrophic for both people and the internal filtering systems. People can get severely ill from the remaining microorganisms in the untreated water, and we work to make the best out of the different uses of potable-water and non-potable water.

Get a Site Utilities Estimate from Premier Services

As a certified DBE and SBE contractor, we will work closely with you to help make all these utility solutions possible for your commercial property or business. If you need an estimate, feel free to contact our office or estimating department at (720)-851-6464. We will be able to help you with whatever site utility you need built and installed and will comply with Colorado’s latest building codes, regulations, and contractor license requirements.