Offering Only the Best in Snow Removal Service

Premier Services Inc. has been a leader in providing excellent snow removal and ice control service for over a decade. It has been over 16 years since we established our company, but we’re still going strong performing snow and ice control for numerous customers in the Denver metropolitan area. We take care of the needs of several clients including Douglas County Schools and the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. We’ve been helping these respective clients out for over seven years, and provide service for sites in Aurora, Castle Rock, Elizabeth, Golden South, and more. 

Our snow removal and ice control solutions help eliminate the risk of property damage in the winter months and keeping everyone who uses your site safe from harm. We have extensive experience helping a variety of customers and using state-of-the-art equipment to complete the job to the best of our abilities. Learn more about why you should count on us to provide you with excellent service and care.


If you’ve lived in Colorado long enough, then you’ve likely experienced very low temperatures and at least a foot of snowfall depending on which area you’re in. In early 2017, the western metro Denver area saw over a foot of snow and towns in the area received anywhere from 10 inches of snow to 22 inches of snow. All this snowfall made the roads icy, and there were some car accidents which happened. There are many risks with not having proper snow and ice control for your property, and accidents are just one of many.

How can a professional snow removal service help you as a property or business owner? Here are several reasons why you should let the professionals help your property through the snowy winter months in Colorado:

Reduce Accidents

People falling and slipping on ice is a very real scenario and could pose a major liability to you and your property. A snow removal company with real experience and skill should be able to clear away the slippery pieces of ice and snow from the sidewalks and roads. It will also prevent drivers from losing control and crashing because of all the ice present. Sure, you can try doing it yourself, but it’s usually much better to let the professionals handle the work. 

No Learning Curve Required

All our professionals already have the expertise and knowledge of how to use the powerful snow removal tools at our disposal, so you don’t have to go out and read a bunch of manuals on how to make plowing tools work. You don’t have to buy any of this equipment yourself either, making everything much easier on your part.

No More Schedule Disruptions

We understand how busy you can be with your business or looking after guests at home during the busy winter season. You don’t always have the time to deal with the inconvenience of someone in your household facing interruptions like unexpected phone calls or a sudden emergency. When you hire a professional snow removal company like us, it is guaranteed that the job will be completed regardless of any interruption.

Less Time at Work Lost for Drivers

A busy highway or road with lots of traffic is already a major challenge for many individuals who commute to work each day. With the added pitfall of snow and ice on the roads, however, it means they will find it much harder to get to work on time or even try to go to work at all. For the employer, it’s a major loss of productivity for the day and a lot less time to increase their revenue. Our professionals will prevent this from happening, so everyone will benefit.


We already own all the equipment we use to finish the job to your satisfaction. It helps us to successfully remove snow from sidewalks, roads, and other areas around your property. With over 50 pieces of equipment available, you can feel confident you are getting the most out of your service with us. Some of the equipment we regularly use to do our job includes:


BOSS snowplows


dump trucks

Plow trucks

Skid steers


We use a product called Premiere Ice Melt for all our snow removal and ice control jobs. The product is of very high-quality, giving pedestrians greater traction. It’s much safer for concrete surfaces, safer for existing vegetation, more environmentally friendly, and especially safe for children and pets. That’s not all! Premiere Ice Melt has also been approved for use in food service areas and is one of only four ice melt products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with a designation as DFE certified (Design for the Environment).

Cheaper ice melts are simply not worth your time or money. Inferior products will not get the job done and will only put you and others at risk of serious accidents and injuries. You need to take utmost care of your investment, so please do not skimp on the ice melt applied.


You will be getting excellent service and proper care of your property when you invest in a certified DBE and SBE contractor to help you. We are exactly the kind of contractor you need, and we will even provide you with a free quote and estimate of what we can do for you. All you have to do is contact our office at (720)-851-6464 today for a consultation, and we’ll be in touch with you soon!